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Christopher Michel

Sitraka Rakotoniaina
Time-Conditioning (Final Prototype) 2010-13


I’m exploring rapid aesthetic synchronicity amongst social/media platforms such as 4chan, reddit, tumblr and instagram in an effort to document collaboration heuristics that can be applied to other spectrums of collaboration beyond aesthetics. yung_medusa is an internet handle for a girl that…


It’s 2045, techno neutral singularity is in full effect, post nation state, multi polarity held constant for less than a decade as technological democratization eliminated defined material wealth and class formation.

Leading up to the singularity there were signs of hyper leapfrogging as…

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What happens when the futuristic world of the Jetsons meets Mother Theresa? You get the Matternet, a flying electric autonomous vehicle that transports supplies and people from place to place. Where Matternet is going, it doesn’t need roads. But the people there need food and medicine. And these drones can bring it to them. Read more about the project here.
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